Holographic Kinetics

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is a powerful and unique, Aboriginal cultural way of healing which has the ability to communicate with the spirit of all living things.

It works with the SPIRIT of a person to change the hologram that was created in a dimension of time and which is repeating itself as a pattern that affects the person’s life in a negative way.

Working with you and your SPIRIT, the practitioner assists the person to make changes at the creation point, as the SPIRIT knows how, where, when and why any issue was created.

Together, you and your SPIRIT clear the issue and create a new, positive future.

Everything that you need to heal is within you. We often create situations or issues unconsciously and don’t realise this until something goes wrong. We create our own reality and we can create change in this reality as well.

Each person must see for themselves whatever created the effects they are experiencing. No-one outside of that person’s reality can do this. The answer is held within the person.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS helps to access the cause, so the person can understand how it created the patterns in their life and then create the changes necessary for mental health and wellbeing to be restored.

Take the first step today to change the negative parts of your life working with the most powerful force in the universe – your Spirit.

Assists in clearing:

  • Emotional or Compulsive disorders

  • Anger, Guilt or Violence issues

  • Depression, Fear, Shame, Anxiety

  • Pain, Anguish or Trauma

  • Repeat Patterns or Stuck in Time

  • Relationship Issues

  • Lack of Confidence

  • Blocks to Success

  • Inter-generational Trauma

  • Paranormal interference