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I live in Co. Kildare, Ireland and I work as a holistic therapist offering Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy sessions. I also run Meditation Groups and Workshops on well-being and self-development topics.

Why do we ask for Healing?

When our body is out of balance, emotionally, mentally or physically, we feel the difference and look for help.

Imagine the body as a spider’s web with many threads and patterns. Every thread is individual but they are all connected. When one part is damaged, the whole web is affected and loses balance until the spider fixes it again to restore the balance.

A Bio-Energy Therapy session helps to restore balance in our overall energy field. It stimulates the immune system and promotes self-healing.

Setting your Intention

This is very important because when you make a clear decision or intention to ask for healing, a number of things happen to empower you.

  • You create BELIEF in yourself!  You activate your own healing mentality and potential.
  • You pay attention to your own body, your emotions and mental state.
  • You take responsibility for what is happening in your own system.
  • You realise that you can change or heal many things of your life. The therapist facilitates this.
  • You learn a lot about yourself and what affects your life.

My Intention is to help you in your own healing process.

Immune System

Promote self-healing

Boost overall immune system

Stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Physical Issues

The energetic side of injury, illness

Release the energy of injury, illness

Healing the energetic side of physical injury, illness and trauma

Emotional Balance

Release painful feelings

You can't grow until you let go!

Dissolve emotional pain that limits you in life.

Mental Balance

A balanced mindset

Cope with life events

Reduce intensity of worry, stress

Fear, Anxiety

Restore calm in your life

Reduce intensity of fears

Relax and learn to adapt to change

Promote self-healing

Taking charge of your life

Understanding your body

Positive health in mind and body


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