Divine Plan Healing

The Divine Plan

We all want to feel happy and fulfilled in life. We have a unique personality but if we lack the confidence to show it, there is always a part of us that is not visible, no matter how much we long to be that vibrant person.

The problem is, it takes courage to be yourself. That sounds ridiculous but fear holds us back in so many ways: fear of failure, being laughed at, changing your life, fear of being different. It’s easier to put up with a problem or a small life than to push through fear and make the change. We think our life is on track doing all the right things but there is an inner emptiness because something is missing, the real ‘you’ is still not seen.

How do we hold ourselves back?

Fear and old beliefs stop us moving forward. We set up life routines and think that’s all there is to being yourself, the  job, relationship, lifestyle. When the energy of any of these goes flat and it’s time to move on, it takes effort and we don’t know how to let go and create something else. We compensate for unhappiness with poor habits or get lost in anxiety, addiction or poor direction, struggling to find meaning because we are in a wrong space and can’t see a way forward.  

Divine Plan Healing empowers people to be themselves. Spiritual light is very powerful and sees the bigger, 5th dimensional picture. It works deep down in your consciousness. It spotlights the issue and creates a space where you expand your awareness to see the ‘truth’ about yourself and your life. You finally ‘see’ who you really are, what blocks you and stops you living a happier life. When you find your truth, you find your direction and then you move forward. The old belief has no more relevance and you are free. 

This is how I can help you with a Divine Plan Healing

  • If you feel that you have more to offer, a hidden talent that you can’t create
  • You lack confidence but long to break free from this fear of being seen
  • Your doubts stop you from trying something even though you know inside you can do it
  • You need a boost to get you started and then you can take control of your own life
  • You have a target in life that you would like to achieve
  • You just need help in some area of your life 
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Mary Magdalene – Empowerment and Strength

Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Healing

Divine Plan Healing (2013) gives us balanced healing using high vibration spiritual light, the Emerald Heart Light alongside the Mary Magdalene vibration of love and wisdom.

Why Mary Magdalene? She restores the feminine voice in spirituality and balances our idea of male and female value.  Historically they called her a shameful sinner and denied her relevance and respect. Sadly, over time, many women lost their feminine voice, their power and place in the world. Men too can lose direction, not in contact with the intuitive side that gives extra perspective and meaning in life. We all have both feminine and masculine sides to us and this vibration helps us to accept both sides in our personality, to value both and use these qualities properly.

Mary Magdalene showed strength and leadership in confidently following her own Divine Plan, her individual blueprint.

It’s said she was a successful businesswoman. She was Jesus’s disciple and became an evolved spiritual teacher in her own right. She was confident in her femininity even in those times. This feminine, spiritual authority is being recognised again and Divine Plan Healing moves us into our own authority to live the life that is right for us.

It’s like spending time with a strong, confident friend who affects our mood with their wisdom and positive vibe. We need to be shown our own potential for strength, confidence, success, empowerment. We need to be uplifted to think at the same level of life being full of potential. Most important, we are put into the same space to achieve it for ourselves.

This is how it can help you to find a better quality of life?

  • See the truth about your life and move past doubt and confusion
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Own your value and relevance in the world
  • Adopt positive views of your sexuality, your heritage, your ‘self’
  • Develop a strong ‘Response Ability’ to deal with issues and problems
  • Spiritual growth and wisdom