Mary’s Light Essence


Mary’s Light Essence: Contains the pure vibration of Mary Magdalene spiritual light. Taken as drops in water three times a day to help support a healing process or deal with life issues. It lasts for four weeks.

  • 10ml bottle
  • Contains 30% alcohol and water
  • Available in non-alcohol option if preferred

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Options to receive your Mary’s Light essence.

1. Essence sent by post – Order a prepared Mary’s Light essence bottle. It is a 10ml bottle prepared with 30% alcohol used as preservative. It does not affect any other homeopathic remedies or medication. Postage costs involved and allow time for your essence to arrive.

2. Alcohol-free essence by postOrder a Mary’s Light essence bottle as above but prepared without alcohol. Alcohol is not needed as it is for your own, immediate use. Postage costs involved and allow time for your essence to arrive.

3. Transmit essence vibration, no postage cost – This is a remote transmission of the essence vibration to a bottle that you have prepared. Full instructions are sent in your order confirmation. There is no postage cost involved.

More information about receiving an essence vibration:

We normally use a 10ml Mary’s Light essence bottle which is sent to you. However, there are extra costs when sending the essence to different parts of the world and in some cases, a courier is needed. To reduce the postage cost, I offer another way for you to receive the essence.

As well as receiving Distant Healing in your own home, you can also receive the Mary’s Light essence vibration into a bottle you have prepared yourself. It is very easy. You just need a bottle of pure, mineral water and follow simple instructions.

This might seem strange if it is a new idea for you. It is a more modern way of working. Is used regularly and it has the same ability as if I sent a prepared bottle to you.

The Mary’s Light ‘vibration’ is the key, the important element and in fact when you prepare a bottle for your own use, you connect with the sacred nature of receiving spiritual light and spiritual vibration. You also avoid postage costs and delays.

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Essence sent by post €27.50, Alcohol-free essence sent by post €27.50, Transmit essence vibration, no postage cost €27.50

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