Six-week healing process using spiritual light to clear and transform a specific Healing Target.   

A one-hour individually focused healing session with your specific target. Take the Divine Love Essence which contains the same healing light vibration. Keep a record of changes and have a follow-up consultation by phone or zoom after one month to help review Healing Target progress.

Includes all of the following:

  • Help with preparation and setting an individual Healing Target
  • Full one-hour, focused healing session – allow an hour and a half to give time to settle and ground before you leave
  • A bottle of the Divine Love Essence (value €25.50)
  • 20 minute follow-up consultation one month later done by phone or Zoom
  • Free Information Call option if you have any questions

Note: This is a deep healing process and is not recommended if you have any deep seated mental health issues.

Can I answer any questions for you before you decide? Why not use my Free Information Call option to talk on zoom.