Train to be a Divine Plan Healer

  • Divine Plan Healer Level 1

    Learn about the following:
    • Background to the Divine Plan Healing System and the Emerald Heart Light.
    • Characteristics of Divine Plan Healing and how it differs from other healing modalities.
    • The steps in Divine Plan Healing
    • The Divine Love Essence
    • Use of the pink heart image
    • Receive a Level 1 attunement¬† and three essences taken to integrate the process
    • Development Period of three months to complete practice healings on yourself, family or friends.
    • Also needed during this time are three mentor sessions (on zoom)¬† (charged at the standard hourly rate)
    • When completed, you are certified as a Divine Plan Healer to work with individual clients, who are present with you.
    • A 50 + page manual and 3 essences are provided as part of the training.
  • Deposit or Full Payment You will learn about the following: Further history of the Emerald Heart Light and characteristics of the Divine Plan Healing System. Advanced techniques:
    • Distant healing
    • Group Healing
    • Event Healing
    More about the Divine Love Essence The sacred teachings and universal laws linked to Divine Plan Healing.
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