Mary Magdalene – Strength and Empowerment

Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Healing

The Divine Plan Healing system was ‘given’ in 2013. It uses the high vibration spiritual light, the Emerald Heart Light alongside the Mary Magdalene vibration of love and wisdom.

Why Mary Magdalene? She brings a feminine voice and balance to spirituality and to life. Historically she was seen as a shameful sinner and denied relevance, respect and authority to speak about spiritual matters. In fact, many women have suffered the same loss of respect and power, losing their feminine voice and sense of value in the world. Men can be disempowered as well, not in contact with their intuitive side or feeling lost without a strong, balanced identity. However, we all carry both feminine and masculine aspects within us and this vibration gives us a sense of balance.

In reality, Mary Magdalene represents strength in confidently following her own Divine Plan, her individual blueprint.

It’s believed she was a successful businesswoman. She was Jesus’s disciple and became an evolved spiritual teacher in her own right, confident in her femininity even in those times. Her spiritual authority is being recognised again and Divine Plan Healing directs us towards our own authority to live the life that is right for us.

Healing within this pure, 5th dimensional vibration, we see our own potential for strength, confidence, success. We feel our own power. It’s a roadmap to your future. It’s like spending time with a strong, confident friend who affects our mood with their positive vibe. We’re uplifted and think at the same level of life being positive and full of potential.

How can this help you in your life?

  • See the truth about your life and move past doubt and confusion
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Own your value and relevance in the world
  • Adopt positive views of your sexuality, your heritage, your ‘self’
  • Develop a strong ‘Response Ability’ to deal with issues and problems
  • Spiritual growth and wisdom