Rise in Planetary Consciousness

We are living in a time of great change on the planet. If we believe the media reports, it all seems chaotic and end of the world scenario:

  • Physical Change in famine, drought, floods, environmental disasters on the planet.
  • Societal Change in our work methods, the rise of technology,  the way family dynamics work.
  • Health Challenge with strange diseases appearing that seem to threaten everyone.
  • Personal Challenge as the familiar way of living disappears. This causes, confusion, fear and illness for many.
  • Protests and Violence Many people are questioning their leadership and protesting about inequality and injustice. Wars have started in places we thought peaceful for no understandable reason.
  • Role and Definition of Men and Women  Many roles are being challenged as people try to figure out where they fit into this changing world.


You Shouldn’t  Believe Everything You Hear

This is all a symptom of a natural evolution of consciousness where we realise that the way we are living is not healthy or sustainable. It forces people to think about life and develop a better consciousness about themselves and others.

If you don’t know this you might react in fear, despair or panic.

When you understand the bigger picture, you see it differently, in a practical spiritual way where you know that the collapse of the old, damaging ways can lead us to create something new and much better for everyone.

That’s why I offer workshops on various levels of consciousness, planetary change and ascension, women’s issues etc.

There is no need to fear what is happening. If you understand it, you can work with the changes more easily.

How can this help you ?

  • See the truth about your life, without fear
  • Develop confidence in your ability to adapt to change
  • Know your value and relevance in the world
  • Adopt a positive view of your future
  • Develop a healthy ‘Response Ability’ to deal with issues and problems
  • Have a practical and realistic spiritual perspective