Let the Light in

Spiritual light is high vibration, 5th dimensional light. It expands your ability to view your life and works directly on consciousness to show you the truth, the reality about your life. Even if is painful to face up to, an issue exists within your system and is causing you problems so by choosing a healing session, you make a decision, a commitment to yourself to allow healing.

When I work with you, you hold your own power at all times and I guide you in moving forward out of a stuck energy. I help you to choose a Healing Target for yourself for any area: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. I also explain and offer support right through a six-week process taking the Divine Love essence, keeping a Journal of Changes and receiving guidance and follow-up consultation with me after four weeks. I focus on your strength and want you to discover this as well.

Offering help with:

  • Feelings of anxiety, fear, weariness with living
  • Low confidence, motivation, limiting beliefs
  • Periods of change/difficulty/trauma
  • Spiritual growth
  • The energy or cause of illness or physical ailments
  • Release energy of difficult emotions
  • Issues around sexuality

Review of  In Person Healing: ‘I am lucky enough to have met and shared space with Mary on a few occasions.  I had a sense therefore that my treatment was to be a positive experience. My treatment was divine. I totally soaked up all the energy that Mary directed to me. It felt like only moments when in reality I was in receipt of the energy for almost an hour. Mary is super attentive to all aspects of her work, ensuring I was comfortable, relaxed and open to receive. My body soaked up all I needed. I left feeling lighter, more positive and centered in myself.

I highly recommend that you follow your intuition and go visit Mary for one of her amazing treatments. Your body will thank you’ 😊   S. Ireland

Review of Distant Healing:  Not knowing what this was going to do for me, I was a bit sceptical. But I have to say the results were amazing. My weakness overthinker,  negative, and take on everyone else’s problems. Mary recommended to keep a diary on any changes or thoughts I might have on a daily basis, which I was glad I did.

On day two I had what I can only describe was a fuzzy head.  But that stopped after first week. When the haze lifted my mood became better, more energy too. Week two I was exercising more as I had more energy and I really enjoyed it .

My husband noticed a change in my moods and he didn’t know about the divine healing. So week 4 all I can say is  I am a changed person completely. I am much happier in myself.  I have found my off switch to block out negativity  and I don’t second guess myself. I highly recommend Divine healing to anyone who is looking for some structure or changes in life. I found Mary very professional, and can not thank her enough for introducing me to divine healing. Looking forward to the future.   C. Ireland

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Healing benefits for women

For Women

Take positive action!

Place a healthy value on your own needs, your self-worth, your sexuality, your voice.

Strengthen confidence, motivation.

Divine Plan Healing helps to establish:

  • Boundaries and healthy relationships

  • Confidence and motivation

  • Positive views of your body and sexuality
  • Supports change in a positive way

  • Deal with difficult or traumatic experience

It can also work on:

  • Physical Issues – helping to release limiting energy

  • Release anxiety, stress or ‘historical’ fears

  • Find clarity in your life

  • Live life with passion

  • Spiritual development

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Healing benefits for men

For Men

Forward focus

A positive way to deal with stress, pressure and issues in your life, in the workplace, in relationships. Change your focus to see a way forward.

Divine Plan Healing helps to establish:

  • Strong self identity

  • Balanced viewpoint and acceptance of life

  • Positive view of self and sexuality

  • Release the energy of difficult experiences, trauma

  • Healthy boundaries and self-acceptance

It can also work on:

  • Physical Issues – helping to release the limiting energy around them

  • Dissolve stress, doubt and fear

  • Concerns in your life – helps to give clarity

  • Spiritual development

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