Divine Plan Healing
Mary Gallagher - Divine Plan Healer

My Healing Journey

I came to Divine Plan Healing with an outside perspective as I’d never worked with spiritual light before. Many people work with the Emerald Heart Light first and are then drawn to this healing system. I didn’t have this background to draw on but I instinctively knew it could help me.

I understand your concerns if you’re new to the idea of spiritual light as I also had to learn and experience from the ground up. Divine Plan Healing was given in a simple, structured way with options so that anyone can learn to give self-healing, for family and friends or choose a professional path. It’s well worth the journey to ground all your life experience in wisdom and generate new purpose and meaning for the future.

Become a Divine Plan Healer

Become a Divine Plan Healer:

  • Easy-to-learn healing system using the Emerald Heart Light and Mary Magdalene’s vibration of love and wisdom.
  • Non hands-on therapy: no complicated hand movements to remember.
  • No previous experience is needed.
  • In-person training takes place over one day or over two/three online training sessions on Zoom.
  • Enter a three-month Development Period to experience working with spiritual healing light, practice healing etc.
  • Three mentor sessions needed during this time (on zoom)
  • Not linked to any religious belief.

N.B. This is a stand-alone healing system and cannot be mixed with other therapies.

I experienced Divine Plan Healing myself with Mary which was a gentle but very powerful healing that helped me to step in to my true path in life. I later trained with Mary in Divine Plan Healing Level 1. It has been a life-changing experience. Mary expertly guided me through the process and was a wonderful mentor and I felt I was in safe hands all through my training.

Doing self-healings, as part of the training has helped me to dissolve old emotional and mental patterns that were holding me back. It has been a powerful tool also in helping others to let go of their fears and develop greater self-love. Watching my life blossom and helping others grow has been a very enriching experience”.

N. Ireland

Learn about
Divine Plan Healing
  • Background to the Divine Plan Healing System and the Emerald Heart Light.

  • Characteristics of Divine Plan Healing and how it differs from other healing modalities.

  • Seven steps in Divine Plan Healing and setting Healing Targets.

  • Technique for self-healing and for healing others

  • The Divine Love Essence

  • The Pink Heart image

Divine Plan Healing Training Manual
  • Level 1 attunement to prepare your system to give Divine Plan healings.

  • Three essences taken to support the attunement.

  • A 50+ page Divine Plan Healing Level 1 training manual.

  • Use of The Pink Heart image

  • Certification as a Divine Plan Healer working with clients on a one-to -one basis

  • The Emerald Heart Light

  • Love and wisdom of Mary Magdalene

  • Connection to the Path of Light

  • Development Period of three months to complete practice healing on yourself, family or friends.

  • Step into your Divine Plan.

  • You will also need three mentor sessions during this period.


  • Easy to learn, either in person or online

  • Give self-healing or healing to family members

  • Become a professional Divine Plan Healer, earn extra income

  • Connection to the light

  • Find new momentum in life

  • Join the Divine Plan Healing community

Take your first steps on a new healing journey

I am ready!