About Mary

Mary Gallagher - Healer Ireland

I live in Co. Kildare and I work both from home and in Rathangan Community Centre.

I’ve always been curious about life, wanting to know more about the world.

I’ve travelled a lot and worked in very different cultures in the Middle East and Asia. Living outside your own culture opens your mind and unites you with the world.

I’ve worked with alternative therapy since 1995. I began as many people do with meditation groups, and alternative therapies including Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy. Each area expanded my awareness and gave a lot of experience of working with people as a therapist. I was working full-time as a teacher and it drained too much of my energy so I was pushed to make decisions about making changes in my life and to try something different.

I was afraid to leave my ‘safe’ job because of fear. How would I survive? Was I even capable of anything else?

I also knew that it was time to redirect my focus. I retired from my teaching job to focus on therapy work and here I am today.

I see a need, not just for healing, but for an understanding of the changes happening in the world today, the rise in consciousness and how it affects everyone.

Now, my mission in life is simple:

  1. To help other people by offering Therapy Sessions in Bio-Energy and Holographic Kinetics.
  2. To promote understanding of animals and Animal Healing
  3. To offer Workshops on different areas of healing, empowerment, role of women and understanding the planetary energies and the general change of consciousness that is happening in our world today.

My best wishes,

Mary Gallagher