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Mary Gallagher - Divine Plan Healer

I’ve been active on this spiritual path since 1995 with my first training in alternative therapy. I have a natural curiosity about the world, working overseas and travelling a lot in my early life, opening my mind to other cultures, beliefs and people sharing common values all across the world.

I became a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, trained in Oisin Bio Energy and Crystal Therapy, all very beneficial in helping people.

In 2017, I was drawn to deeper spiritual growth and development and trained to become an Advanced Divine Plan Healer, then a Teacher of Divine Plan Healing and also became a Qualified Host of The Mary Magdalene Light Circles in 2020.

I’ve faced challenges en route that pushed me outside my routine. Maybe you can see your own dreams in some of my experiences.

I found courage to leave my teaching job after 28 years of routine to explore new abilities, getting over a fear of letting go and sense of poverty consciousness ie. Could I survive without a set income? Am I even capable of doing anything else? How do I find out what that is and how do I achieve it?

I meet lots of new people and experience new situations so my life is not stale. It’s moving constantly and I welcome change. I’ve become more myself, talking about what is of interest of me and meeting and sharing this with like-minded people.

I’ve learned to work online, got to grips somehow with websites, social media and zoom, not my comfort zone and a challenge.

My life has a different focus being more intuitive and seeing past the external fears and pressures of the busy world around us.   

I’ve struggled with trying to achieve what I wanted and learned to push through these times and all the frustration that goes with it. I know you can turn things around in your life.

I don’t have all the answers and I still hit problems but I know where to seek for help and guidance and it helps me stay grounded and get through difficult periods in life.

I can offer you ways to explore your best path forward in life and help you find satisfaction in living, just as I have done.

My best wishes,

Mary Gallagher

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