• Finding confidence

  • Inspiring your life

  • Overcoming fears

  • Honouring yourself

  • Spiritual wealth

Mary Gallagher Healing Therapy helps you to refocus and empower your life. I am based in Co. Kildare and I work with a new and different healing system helping you find direction to create the life you really want. Clearing blocks and finding direction is central to healing and helping you work through this process is where I fit in.

How can I help?

I am happy to work with you in person, through distant healing or give training. I can easily work online with the same effect and my work is international.

I understand a lot of this process from my own life experience and offer help to anybody trying to cope or make changes to improve their life.

If you have anxiety, fears or doubt your own ability in any area, if you are struggling to make progress or to succeed in life, if you need to come to peace with something that happened or if you just need some support, I can help you to move forward.

I work with you to identify what blocks you and stops you and then you move through a process of transformation. At any point in life, you can begin again. I’ve done it and so can you. The starting point is when you take action and begin to look forward again with real optimism. It’s a great relief to come home to yourself.

Services offered: 

  • Individual and group healing sessions

  • Spiritual development

  • Supporting significant events in your life

  • Teacher of the Divine Plan Healing System

  • Qualified Host of the Mary Magdalene Light Circles


Divine Plan Healing
Divine Plan Healing
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