When someone asks for healing, they often give their authority away to other people, thinking someone else has all the answers and can fix a problem or find a solution for them. It can be an act of powerlessness if done in this way, thinking the outcome depends on someone else.

In reality, we heal ourselves by facing the facts and the fears we hold inside, usually unconsciously. We may need assistance from various people who have medical skills or alternative knowledge to guide us but the journey is ours and it is a journey of learning and understanding and growth.

We can be forced to reach out for help if illness is sudden, or circumstances change drastically.

The spiritual, healing journey happens by going within and seeking reconnection with our true self, with the essence that came from Source. The journey shakes things up to give us a deep realisation and understanding of what is affecting us. We will meet many peculiar characters on the path, all living inside us, issues, defences, blocks and fears, old memories and ancestral patterns. We can only meet them one by one but they become connected in our personality and entangled at times into distorted knots. We eventually realise we have to change our ways, how we think, act, reason, allow, overcome. Our co-operation is needed to make the changes needed to heal ourselves. It becomes an act of empowerment if we can embrace it in this way.

Spiritual healing light won’t allow you to act from a lower vibration. It guides you to find higher understanding and wisdom. Within the light, we can see further and in more depth to accept, to allow and to release what is disruptive.

Without the burden that has blocked you, your creative energies can emerge again and you leave feelings of restriction behind. You begin to rediscover the connections to self that you had stopped using. You find a path forward as the next steps come into your awareness, intuitively. You become more present in your own life. You clear the backlog of the past which is stored deep in consciousness.

We are always on a learning curve, letting go of the old ways so something better can come in. That’s what life is about and I assume our final experience of death is another great and total release of the physical body to return to spirit, the ultimate letting go.

In life, there are many lessons of wisdom to learn if we can get to that stage of understanding. On a soul level, we have chosen to learn and grow in this way. Spirit will not protect us from a growth experience, even if it is difficult. You have to go through it and are asked to learn on a spiritual level to evolve your wisdom and higher understanding. You evolve yourself in a spiritual sense and this will affect all your actions and relationships in life.

In a spiritual sense, we are asked to observe our life and experience. The power of observation leads us into the presence of our higher self and our higher heart. When we observe and detach and hold space for the heart, we receive the wisdom of the soul, the wisdom of Divine Intelligence, the consciousness of Source Creator. We recognise that we are all one, in unity consciousness and we act for the highest good of all because nothing else makes sense.

The journey to healing is always within.