I was born on a small farm and I was born loving animals, in particular cats. If you don’t know this fact about me then you don’t really know who I am or understand me at all.

This connection is very deep and to me, animals are on their own soul journey in their own way and are just as deserving of support and healing as we are. The animals that live with us as pets are developing close human contact and experience and are affected by our actions, emotions and our lives. They offer us enormous support and unconditional love that is amazingly simple and uncomplicated.

Animals live alongside us in the world not as tools for our use or distraction but as living sentient beings. At times they need healing support and Divine Plan is perfect because they receive the Light so easily and the Light knows exactly what is needed when they can’t tell us.

I grew up with dogs, cats, farm animals. I spent hours in the fields lost in a child’s world of rabbits, foxes, pheasants, listening to wild birdsong, cuckoos and corncrakes and chasing butterflies and dragon flies and all sorts of ground bugs. Bird nests were a total wonder to be left alone until empty and then examined like treasure.

I’ve travelled a lot and spent time living in desert and jungle environments. I spent more time in nature than in bars and clubs, observing and learning to see more with nature’s eyes.

I am fascinated by the teeming life that is everywhere and lucky enough to have witnessed the mystery of nature, just being itself.

I recognise the elusive scent of desert sand and the pungent, jungle smell after heavy rain.

I’ve observed animals everywhere I went. They taught me to see differently.

A Monitor Lizard, five foot long that lived by a small pool at the back of our house, so still and definite and primeval. Watching hundreds of Flying Foxes, giant bats with a 5 foot wingspan as they glided silently, back into the jungle every nightfall. Troops of Macaque monkeys, with huge canine teeth, that screamed in the trees behind our house and stole food from the barbecue with no fear. Running screaming the first time a cicada came crashing around the house, big, noisy, bumbling, harmless insects but we thought they were out to kill us. Regularly, standing on a chair to spend time with Praying Mantis sitting high up on the wall, only inches apart, face-to-face. The eyes, the presence, the intelligence of these insects is unbelievable. Giant frogs that took refuge on our step when the tropical rain poured down and they just wanted safety. Tiny geckos that ran everywhere eating insects. Harmless grass snakes that the cats dragged into the house and huge King Cobra and Pythons occasionally met in jungle walks.

Trails of ants that smelled any hint of food. Mosquitos that feasted on my blood too many times. Giant centipedes and leeches, that attached to my ankles when we climbed a hill to watch a total solar eclipse, one morning. Tiny, white-winged sandflies on our skin that looked so cute until we realised later and painfully, they were actually biting us.

Scorpions that hid in the bathroom. Flying cockroaches launching an attack.

Jelly fish and stone fish that gave nasty, painful injuries. Sharks, dolphins, manatees, catfish, piranha in the wild.

Visiting an Orang Utan reserve and being gripped by the powerful, yet so gentle arm of this amazing being. Watching giant, Leatherback Turtles as they labour up the beach to lay their eggs in the sand and later seeing the hatchlings mad impulse to run to the sea and begin their life.

Yes, I did spend time with humans too but I always connected with nature and I think I know every bird in my garden and they know me. I let the flower weeds grow for bees and bird seed. The frogs can stay under the moss carpet a bit longer and you duck your head going into the shed where the swallows nest because you are ‘beaked’ for your intrusion.

The nettle patch is full of developing moths and butterfly cocoons and the local midges are savages.

My cats are part of my soul and they purr their love and mischief into my life every single day.

If you are still reading at his point, you will see that I feel a very deep connection to life in non-human form. When I offer healing for animals, it comes from my soul and is not just an add-on. It is a deep connection and offering back to the other beings and consciousness on this planet that we so often fail to acknowledge.